Your Guide to The Next Frontiers of CX

Deliver meaningful, human-centric CX and build your itinerary in the virtual world with our new guidebook. 


About this guidebook

Maybe you’ve heard about the metaverse, but you’re not sure what the hype means for your business. Or, perhaps you’ve taken the first steps toward having a brand presence in virtual worlds but you’re concerned about fulfilling customers’ expectations and building trust.

Wherever you are in your journey, we know you can benefit from this free, in-depth resource that contains practical information and inspiration to begin strategically connecting and engaging with customers virtually.

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By the end of this guidebook you will learn:

Simple explanations of key metaverse terms and technologies

Ideas for seamless, omnichannel CX

Relevant insights on consumer behavior and motivations in the metaverse

Best practices for metaverse Trust & Safety


The path tothe Metaverse

The foundational technologies, such as VR/AR, date back more than half a century. So, while many of us are just beginning to learn about the metaverse, it already has a long history of development. 


The Next Frontiers of CX


MIT Technology Review Insights: Embracing CX in the Metaverse

Teleperformance Leader Insights Forum: The Next Frontiers of CX

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Your Guide to The Next Frontiers of CX

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